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Here are some resources that we recommened! The intersection between sustainability and healthcare is important to our mission so we feel it is important to share other resources that carry the same message.

A Worldwide Organization Aimed to Transform Healthcare Across the Globe by Lessing the Environmental Footprint

A Nonprofit Dedicated to Sharing Information Regarding Sustainability Within the Healthcare Field

A Journal Created to Highlight Periopertive Work Within Operating Rooms

Importance of Healthcare and Sustainability

Evidence Supporting the Problem

"Accounting for the different case distribution in the 58 selected cases, the authors estimate approximately $968 of OR waste per case, $242,968 per month, and $2.9 million per year, for their neurosurgical department."

Operating room waste: disposable supply utilization in neurointerventional procedures

"Disposable interventional products had a very high impact on the surgical waste costs in the series of the neurointerventional procedures (95% of total waste)."

Evaluation of Operative Waste in a Military Medical Center: Analysis of Operating Room Cost and Waste during Surgical Cases

"We found that on average for less complex cases such as open inguinal hernia repairs, $1.44 was potentially wasted per case, whereas for more complex cases up to $379 was wasted per case."