Sustainable Healthcare Resources


Healthcare Without Harm

International organization transforming healthcare by lessening its environmental impact.

The Joint Commission

Renowned CMS-accreditation organization offers a sustainable healthcare certification with a focus on waste accounting and reduction.

Practice Greenhealth

Dedicated to aggregating and sharing data on the positive impacts of sustainable healthcare on health system operations and finances.

Office for Climate Change and Health Equity

HHS office focused on the impacts of climate change and environmental contamination on human health

National Academy of Medicine

Action Collaborative on Decarbonizing the US Healthcare System recognizes the need for health sector leadership in the effort to eliminate climate change

Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

Group of medical societies and state organizations focused on reducing the impact of healthcare on the environment


This ethnographic study of more than 90 surgeries (referred to as episodes of care) identifies the antecedents to operating room (OR) supply waste. The study specifically considers the role of planning instances and communication patterns among members of the surgery team on supply waste within the OR. Link.

The management of disposable and reusable supplies might have an impact on the cost efficiency of the Operating Room (OR). This study aimed to evaluate the cost and reasons for wasted supplies in the OR during surgical procedures. Link.

Large amounts of waste in hospitals are generated in the operating rooms from disposable surgical supplies. Tonsillectomy/adenotonsillectomy (T&A) cases use many disposable supplies that are not recyclable. It is critical to reduce disposable waste, as such waste directly affects the environment and increases health care costs. Link

Accounting for the different case distribution in the 58 selected cases, the authors estimate approximately $968 of OR waste per case, $242,968 per month, and $2.9 million per year, for their neurosurgical department. Link.

It was found on average for less complex cases such as open inguinal hernia repairs, $1.44 was potentially wasted per case, whereas for more complex cases up to $379 was wasted per case. Link