What is PeriOp Green?

The Problem

Waste within healthcare is an immense issue that is growing at a continuous rate worldwide. Although waste accrues in a multitude of areas within the field, an avoidable area is the perioperative space, which entails the time period of the patient's procedure. A particularly common source of waste within this space is single-use, sterile surgical supplies (SUSSS). SUSSS are often opened onto the scrub table but not used in the surgery. These items must be thrown out. In a single operating room, these items may be hundreds or thousands of dollars. In the US alone, there are billions of health care dollars from wasted SUSSS literally going up in smoke (ie. incineration).

Our Solution

The issue of perioperative waste came to our attention and we realized that implementing green operating rooms were necessary. Thus, we sat down and came up with the idea of PeriOp Green. Without causing any form of obstruction to operating rooms and healthcare professionals, we have created a technology that is able to detect unused SUSSS. The main service consists of implementing a camera above scrub tables that will use machine learning technology to detect used and unused SUSSS. By following the supplies, our software will be able to determine which items are consistently used and which remain consistently unused. This data will be collected from procedures, and by aggregating information over the course of multiple operations, we can provide perioperative administrators with valuable information regarding surgical supply usage and waste that can be stratified by surgeon, procedure, or department.



Excessive costs and overhead will be passed along to patients, therefore by reducing the waste in one area, the overall cost will reduce.


Surgeons have to negotiate and justify requested supplies and instruments with administration. By having a set list that clearly shows which items are needed, there is less pressure for the surgeons.

Hospital Administrators

They have the task of overseeing the budget of the hospital and are constantly seeking ways to reduce excessive costs. PeriOp Green will be an immediate solution to these worries.

Our Planet

Hospitals and medical labs produce over 5 million tons of waste annually, thus, PeriOp Green is an obvious partial solution to this grand issue.

The beneficiaries tell a clear story of how important this initiative is to the current world. PeriOp Green's mission is to identify and minimize perioperative waste through advanced analytics and a deep understanding of the perioperative space. Our vision is to provide novel insight and data to health care systems that reduce perioperative waste and facilitate data-based cost-saving measures.

PeriOp Green is the Solution to Perioperative Waste.