What is PeriOp Green?


Identify and minimize perioperative waste through advanced analytics and a deep understanding of the perioperative space.


To provide novel insight and data to health care systems that reduce perioperative waste and facilitates data-based cost-saving measures.

Core Values

Waste Reduction

We believe the least amount of waste possible is the only acceptable amount of waste.


We believe the most effective decisions in healthcare are rooted in rigorous data and analysis.


We hold simplification to be synonymous with innovation.


We will continuously innovate to improve healthcare value, patient care, and global well-being.

Our Story

We here at PeriOp Green aim to reduce perioperative waste within operating rooms across healthcare systems throughout the United States and the World. One modifiable and particularly distasteful source of waste is single-use, sterile surgical supplies (SUSSS). SUSSS are often opened onto the scrub table but not used in the surgery. These items must be thrown out. In a single operating room, these items may be hundreds or thousands of dollars. In the US alone, there are billions of health care dollars from wasted SUSSS literally going up in smoke (ie. incineration).

The issue came to our attention and we realized that implementing green operating rooms was necessary. Thus, we sat down and came up with the idea of PeriOp Green. Without causing any form of obstruction to operating rooms and healthcare professionals, we have created a technology that is able to detect unused SUSSS. This data will be collected from procedures, and overtime, suggestions will be given to healthcare systems about how best to reduce OR costs of SUSSS. Not only will PeriOp Green cut costs for healthcare systems, but it will improve the environmental footprint of the OR.

The operating room is a source of financial and actual waste--PeriOp Green can help you make both better.